Alma 29:9

I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Monday, September 8, 2014


First of all, CONGRATS TO JOE AND KYM! I am so excited to be an auntie again, but THIS TIME I will be able to get to know their new baby from the first few days. That is so exciting!!!!! WOO HOO!
Benny is going to go to New Orleans Louisiana. My prediction
Thanks for the update about all the crops. I really enjoyed all of that. Good luck on harvests and stuff. I want to ride around in a beet truck or tractor this beet harvest!

This week has been a little tough because Hermana Bills got Emergency exchanged out of our area into the other half of the ward because one of the other hermanas ruined her foot and can't proselyte. It is just me and Hermana Calle. We are still loving it and having a blast, but I sure miss Hermana Bills. At least we are still working in the same ward!
Marco is doing pretty good. He did not pass his third interview because he smoked the day before. But he is all ready on everything else. Our district leader had a really wonderful interview with him and got him all excited all over again to be baptized. We are still planning his baptism soon, with another interview to come. He wanted to fast this week for his first time. One YSA, named Daniel who is his friend told him that they could fast together for his first time and Marco said yes. He is pretty nervous. We told him that we would fast with him too and he seemed a little more comfortable. I know that the Lord will bless him. He is so awesome. I need to get you guys a picture of this kid. He really is legit. He will be there soon. We just have to keep having faith and working with him.
Dora came to church again! She even came with her inactive son too! She is so sweet. We were in the Gospel principles class with them, and at the end A mom and son about their same age put their arms around each of them and showed them where to go for the third hour. These two members had also been inactive. This is the work of salvation. I am so impressed by these examples of faith. Hermana Dora is so sweet. After 23 plus years of being inactive she is coming back to church. I love to see less active members in church. I get a real thrill out of it. I think my mission is one of reactivating members to be honest. Hermana Calle said it best. They hadn't had less active lessons for months maybe one here and one there, but not a whole lot. Never more than 3 a week. Now we have about 7 or 8 every week, but not only that, they are coming to church. We are working with members to try to find new less active members. We have found about 4 new ones just this week and from all the less active members that we have 4 came to church this week, and some brought their families who have not been baptized. So in total we had 4 less actives and 4 investigators, but the other missionaries in the same ward had 8 less actives and 4 investigators. WOW. The ward building was PACKED. The work is hastening and you can see it in every phase of the work.
Thanks for all the help with the My Family book. I have given about 3 trainings on how to fill out the book and how to put in all the data online. I always have to show my book. I am the leader of the books in our zone and usually am asked to come to organizations in the ward to help them fill out their books. I am so excited to get back into indexing and doing family history stuff.
I love being a missionary. I am loving this work
Love Hermana Christensen
A really delicious hamburger that I ate. It is from a place here called "Gringo Loco". It is a Guy from Texas who came to Peru, married a peruvian and opened up an American-style burger stand. It is to die for. He's a convert and the missionaries are frequenters there.

Me and our zone in a zone activity. We made the temple out of sheets of paper. Turned out pretty cool

The church in the plaza de armas. It always amazes me it is so pretty.

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